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Do your retro gaming the right way with this three-slotted console

Remember when games made you cry because they were so difficult? Or how you had to blow on a cartridge to make it work? Or all that time you spent listening to the awesome chiptune music blaring out of your TV speakers? Those were good times, but they're definitely not over. You can still experience retro gaming at its best - you just need a system that works.

There are retro consoles available that will let you dip back into your old game collection, but the Retro Bit Super RetroTRIO gives you quite a bit more bang for your buck. There are three slots in the top that fit NES, Super NES, and Genesis cartridges, and it has outputs for all the original controllers. That's right: you can use your original gamepads, not some wannabe rehash made from crappy plastic. It's really the best way to replay the classics. No buying games off of virtual consoles or playing them with controllers they were never meant to be played with. Now the tough part is scrounging up an old CRT TV for that genuine, old-school feel.