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Apex Legends dataminer leaks Loba, the rumored Season 5 character

(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

An Apex Legends dataminer has released what look to be in-game animations for Loba, the rumored next character. 

According to dataminer iLootGames, Loba's visuals and walking animations are available in the source code for Apex Legends, as well as some details on how she might make her debut. There's a lot that can be gleaned from what ILootGames has found in her files - her default skin is likely a white, grey, and gold outfit with gold wolf emblems on her shoulders (Loba means 'wolf' in Spanish and Portugese).

She also has a large device hooked to her belt loop that may be her jump pack. Loba will reportedly have teleportation abilities, but that will likely be initiated by a bracelet worn on her left hand. That notion comes from a mined animation that shows her picking up a bracelet off the ground. ILootGames mentions that Loba is a bit thick, as the youth say, and that her hitbox falls somewhere around Bangalore's height and Wattson's width - in other words, she won't be low profile like Wraith.

The datamining also reveals that Loba will be dropping into the arena during Season 5, during "Tease Phase 4" which could also include her appearing on banners in the arena. Respawn has previously used the in-game maps to tease new characters, so I'm not surprised it would do that again. 

Loba is an interesting new character, however, as she's got a personal vendetta against another Legend: Revenant. As we previously reported, Revenant's character trailer shows him brutally murdering a roomful of people, two of whom are the parents of a young girl with Dutch braids in her hair (you'll notice Loba's character model has the same braids, and yes, I had to call my sister to clarify what kind of braids those are).

Young Loba is alive at the end of Revenant's trailer, and she's clearly furious - it's obvious grown-up Loba is entering the arena with her sights set on everybody's least favorite robot. Here's hoping she gets a chance to kick the crap out of him in a cinematic, because I cannot stand that guy and his edgelord side comments.

No word yet on when Apex Legends Season 5 will start, but considering we're in the last week listed on Season 4, it could be sooner rather than later. 

For now, you can hop into Bloodhounds' The Old Ways limited time event, which has brought a permanent duos playlist into the mix. 

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