Apex Legends knew we wanted Revenant so bad it murdered Forge to give him to us

Apex Legends season 4 starts next week, but it looks like its newest Legend, Forge, may not make it to the arena. 

In a video called "Stories From the Outland: Up Close and Personal," it initially seems like we're going to get to know the newest character, Jimmie "Forge" McCormick. Forge was introduced in last week's Respawn devstream as a former MMA fighter and the first Legend to enter the arena with a big-time corporate sponsorship (Titanfall creators Hammond Robotics). 

This announcement came as a bit of a shock, though, as we've been waiting for confirmation that Revenant would be the next Legend to enter the fight. As we previously reported, he's been teased often and obviously: in behind-the-scenes artwork by designers, last year's Halloween event, and even in the most recent devstream. So when Respawn announced the (somewhat) bland Forge (a white, ripped MMA fighter? In this economy?), everyone was wondering where the hell Revenant was.

Enter Respawn's excellent team of writers, who tee up Forge's introduction just to, well, murder him. In the video, Forge is schmoozing with his interviewer and tooting his own horn quite loudly when suddenly the set lights flicker. The interviewer apologizes for technical difficulties, the camera pans back to Forge, and there's Revenant standing behind him. We hear the sound of a sword unsheathing (seems like Revenant's arm can double as a stabby device), and Forge's blood splatters the interviewer's face. Cut to a monitor color test screen, end of video.

Sure, we knew we were probably getting Revenant, but we certainly didn't know he'd be stepping over Forge's body to enter the arena. And it looks like Forge is definitely permanently dead - if you head to the official Apex Legends season 4 page, his character photo is greyed out and the words "never defeated (except for that one time)" are written under it. Also, World's Edge has been changing in the days leading up to season 4, with the addition of the set that we see in the aforementioned video. The set is now gone, however, and in the place where Forge was sitting is now… a death box. Loot the death box, and you'll get a special eulogy for ol' Jimmie. 

Respawn hasn't officially confirmed Revenant is in for season 4, but they can't trick us any longer. Catch him and the regular band of battlers when it kicks off on February 4. 

There's still time to check out the Apex Legends Grand Soiree Arcade event while you're waiting for the new season to begin.

Alyssa Mercante

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