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Animal Crossing New Horizons inclusive skin designs offer over 250 variations

(Image credit: Nintendo/Gillette)

Animal Crossing New Horizons now has a wide range of diverse skin options for your avatar, including 19 different skin types that combine to offer 250 diverse designs.

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These skin types include freckles, acne, hair, cellulite, scars, and stretch marks which join the 8 in-game skin tones. There's even vitiligo, psoriasis, differently-abled bodies, and my personal favorite - tattoos. The skin options include prosthetics and different body types wearing a variety of bathing suits and cover-ups. They're genuinely beautiful skins and outfits that you'll be able to download the design codes for and apply to your Animal Crossing New Horizons avatar.

The ability to add such inclusive and diverse skin and body types is a testament to the power of Animal Crossing's customization tools, which allow you to create entire outfits from scratch. With some clever design tricks you can easily create illusions that depict freckles, acne, cellulite, and more. 

In order to create over 250 skin-inclusive designs, Gillette Venus partnered with digital designer Nicole Cuddihy as a part of their My Skin. My Way campaign. 

“In a world where there are so many explicit and implicit rules on how women should show or feel about their skin, skin-inclusivity and positive representation matters,” Anthony van Dijk, Senior Brand Director of Venus North America tells Business Wire. “The purpose of our My Skin. My Way campaign is to ensure that we’re putting out responsible imagery that represents reality and celebrates all types of skin, while also spotlighting the diverse skin stories of women all around the world. With Animal Crossing, we saw a unique opportunity to meet women where they are this summer by providing new ways to make gaming a more inclusive space, while also enabling them to gather virtually, safely on a beach to celebrate summer and skin inclusivity.”

Quite frankly, this is a lovely sentiment and another reason to enjoy Animal Crossing.

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