The best Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Addresses

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The latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update gives you the ability to dream, and with that, visit other Dream Islands via an internet connection and a Dream Address. If you log on after updating, you'll notice that you've been given Luna's Bed, an adorable little twin bed that will ferry you away into dreamland (actually, any bed will do this, so don't worry if it doesn't fit with your decor). 

To travel to another Animal Crossing New Horizons island while dreaming, you'll need to follow a few steps. Here's how to dream:

  • Lie down in a bed
  • Select the "Yeah, I want to sleep" option
  • Choose "I want to dream" after Luna chats a bit
  • Connect to the internet and input a Dream Address code

You can also choose to upload your island by selecting "I'd like to share a dream." 

If you head to another person's Dream Address, you won't be able to take anything with you or leave with anything you may pick up (it's a dream, silly). You also can't randomly head to a Dream Island - you'll need a specific address.

That's why we've made this list of the best Dream Island codes for you to input during your next sleep sesh. Check them out below:

The Good Place Dream Island

Head to this Dream Island inspired by The Good Place TV series, where it is 100% not the bad place.

Dream Address: DA-3717-6450-2072

Visit my 100% Good Place in Animal Crossing! Dream Code: DA-3717-6450-2072 from r/TheGoodPlace

Fyre Fest Dream Island

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I wouldn't normally consider Fyre Fest to be anything but a nightmare, but this Dream Island is pretty chill with a bunch of pools and a woodsy hot spring area.

Dream Address: DA-4345-6717-5283

New Hyrule Dream Island

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We love a crossover, and this Legend of Zelda inspired Dream Island is a delight, with Zelda-themed houses and the Zelda music playing as you arrive. 

Dream Address: DA-9114-1462-2579

Fairycore Dream Island

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The theme of this Dream Island by Twitter user @honeycrossing is fairly obvious - it's fairies, guys. A magical, ethereal land of cherry blossoms, stony paths, and beautiful flowers awaits you here.

Dream Address: DA-3752-3847-2790

Nunnalia Dream Island

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If this beautiful island looks like something an artist would design, that's because it is. Twitter user @Midio is a pixel artist and former architect, and it shows on Nunnalia, where gorgeous sculptures sit in the center of plazas, and fish and antique markets beg for exploration. 

Dream Address: DA-1862-2456-1929

Kakariko Dream Island

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This beautiful, Japanese-inspired Dream Address has beautiful, snow-covered trees and a gorgeous firework display. It looks like a place I'd love to live, not just visit in my dreams...

Dream Address: DA-8080-1362-7230

Odyssey Halloween Dream Island

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This place is straight out of every young witch's dreams. Odyssey is a beautifully-designed, gothic-inspired island complete with black roses, blood splatter designs, and - of course - a cemetery. I can't wait for October.

Dream Address: DA-0732-1647-2668

Bustling City Dream Island

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The Twitter user who created this Dream Island, @imotarez, has crafted a bustling city center complete with bars, shopping areas, and beach houses. It's like going on vacation to a faraway country and getting a dose of the city life - the kind of getaway we all need right now.

Dream Address: DA-1627-5603-6916

Nowhere Dream Island

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This sleepy, overgrown town is the perfect place to find some tranquility. Bamboo forests and wildflower fields are there for you to frolic through, and there's a beautiful bathhouse to help you relax even further.

Dream Address: DA-1790-5385-6731 

Aeaea Greek Dream Island

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If you're looking to visit Greece anytime soon, Aeaea is straight out of your daydreams. It's full of Ancient Greek architecture and pottery, gold roses, nods to seafood, a beautiful coastal restaurant complete with a bodiless waiter, and - wait for it - a Pinot Noir vineyard. I'm in heaven.

Dream Address: DA-7835-0839-4811

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