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Adam Sandler considering playing an 800lb fat man

Director Miguel Artera ( Cedar Rapids , Youth in Revolt , The Good Girl ) has mentioned that his next project could star Adam Sandler as an obese man weighing 800lb.

Speaking to FirstShowing at the Sundance Film Festival, Artera mentioned that he was interested in a project called Fat Man , and it turns out Sandler's keen on the script too.

Artera said "I'd love to do a movie with Adam Sandler that... someone said he was flirting with? It's called Fat Man . One of the main writers of The Simpsons wrote the script and it's amazing."

"He would play an 800lb guy who has a love affair between him and his nurse. And he's naked for the first half of the film... and it's very touching... and it's very funny."

"So, I hope he gets the gumption to do it, and maybe I get a crack at that, that would be amazing. Certainly, it would be not a movie you would forget anytime soon... and [it's] beautifully written."

Sandler's been circling a few projects recently, including a remake of a French film about a narcoleptic guy who becomes an action hero in his sleep, and a movie in which he'd play Andy Samberg's annoying father.

It sounds like a concept that could go either way. Certainly Sandler could play it for big, cartoony laughs, but hopefully with Artera at the helm it'd be sensitively handled.

Maybe it would even become one of Sandler acclaimed serious roles, like Punch-Drunk Love . Expect to hear official confirmation of Sandler's next project soon.