A quick look at PAX East 2011

Above: You haven't played Shift 2 Unleashed until you've done it behind a hydrolic cage

Above: Yeah... saying people are dying to play the 3DS is understating it

Above: Some of the most intense faces you'll ever see are at the Kid Icarus kiosk

Above: Capcom's booth has almost nothing but a line of people hankering for a portable Street Fight

Above: Speaking of lines, Portal 2 remains PAX's reigning King of Cues

Above: Could "Please Don't Lean On The Walls" be the next "The Cake is a Lie?"

Above: Note to attendeeswith long hair wearing trenchcoats: Playing an FPS in front of a camera is a good way to end up as B-roll in a horrifying news story

Above: What's cooler than cool? Liquid Nitrogen!

Above: The Duke Nukem Forever booth is the pinnacle of class

Above: I’ll take two of these Duke chandeliers, please!

Above: Can you find GR on the PAX East showfloor? Dozens of others already have!

Mar 11, 2011