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8 alternate takes on the Game of Thrones finale to keep you going until season 7

It seems that we're all in shock not just from the content of the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season 6 but the fact that we have no idea what we're going to do for another 10 months until season 7. It's a good thing that the internet is still expertly constructing reactions to keep us entertained for a while. I've said it a lot this week and I'll say it again. Here, of course, be spoilers

Is there ever a moment that can't be improved further by the Frozen soundtrack?

Just how you want your fast food. No artificial colours, additives or... Freys?



Cersei is our Overwatch overlord.

Sam is the true Belle of the library.

The Starks DON'T send their regards...

Sansa might have a point here.

Cersei no more.



And finally, this joke is criminally smooth. 

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