Ubisoft launches motion picture studio

The launch of Ubisoft Motion Pictures wasannounced this week in Variety, meaning it came into the world via that publication's signature style of nonsensical, made-up-on-the-spot showbiz argot (meaning language – we're easing ourselves in here). So when they say "shingle," they just mean "a company for developing non-interactive screen media," and when they say "skeins," they mean "it won't just be movies, they might make some TV shows too." Naming the studio's marketing director, Jean de Rivieres, as a former "topper," isn't a sex thing (that we know of, anyway) – that just means he used to be head of distribution for Disney France. And saying Ubisoft Digital Arts did the Avatar "vidgame," well... you know how this works by now.

No projects for the studio have been announced as yet – but as 2009's Assassin's Creed: Lineage was intended as an early foray for the company into filmed entertainment, there's a good chance the studio's current flagship could be on the cards for further adaptation sooner rather than later. What Ubisoft products would you like to see adapted to film or TV?

May 3, 2011