Two Point Hospital's Freddie Mercury wannabes, mimes and nudists

Theme Hospital's spiritual successor Two Point Hospital has made sure to stay true to one of the most delightful elements of the original: comedy diseases. It's no fun building your own medical empire if you're having to deal with the realities of MRSA and septicemia. Gamescom After Dark gave us an idea of some of the more mischievous maladies you'll have to cure to prove yourself, and one of them bore a striking resemblance to the frontman of rock band Queen. 

The Freddie Mercury lookalike is suffering from a psychiatric disorder, which means you need a trained psychiatrist. Other psychological problems you'll have to deal with is mimes trapped in invisible boxes or climbing invisible ladders, and athletic nudists. 

"The Emperor's New Clothes is exactly what you thought, just a bow tie and shoes," says lead animator Chris Knott who joined Zoe Delahunty-Light on the stream. "Also their animations are totally different when they've got that illness, because they'll start lunging and touching their toes right in front of your face. And they always look really really happy with themselves as well."

We also get to learn more about how plants, windows and paintings are surprisingly important to medical success,  and find out why building coffee machines means having to make sure you have plenty of toilets. "You're not placing anything that doesn't have an effect on the whole game," says lead artist Mark Smart. 

Can't make it to Gamescom but want to feel like you're part of the action? Be sure to check out the full Gamescom After Dark schedule and tune in. 

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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