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Two new villains revealed for LEGO Batman

This is a good time to be a Batman fan. What could be the vigilante hero's best film - The Dark Knight - is due in theaters this weekend. What could end up being the character's best game, or at least the most crazily comprehensive, is releasing this September.

LEGO Batman seems to have everyone. Not just the Caped Crusader and his sidekicks, but a rogue's gallery of playable villains as well. Today, we're exclusively debuting two more, with fresh screens and gameplay info. Who could have guessed that we'd ever get to control these guys?

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REAL NAME: Drury Walker (aka Cameron Van Cleer)
OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal
HAIR: Yellow

Drury Walker the man was little more than a joke. As Killer Moth, he offered his services as paid protector to Gotham’s gangsters. Despite an arsenal of ingenious weaponry, including his signature cocoon gun, the colorful Killer Moth was bested by Batman at every turn, leaving his clients both irate and incarcerated.

Walker made a deal with the devil - the tempter Neron- who gave Walker his heart’s desire. What Walker wanted most was to be feared, but what he received in exchange for his soul was metamorphosis into a real Killer Moth.

In LEGO Batman, Killer Moth can use his wings to glide over large spaces. Stay tuned for more…

REAL NAME: Jervis Tetch
OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal
EYES: Blue

Obsessed from a young age with Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Jervis Tetch, an expert hypnotist, embraced a delusion that he was the incarnation of a character in the story, the Mad Hatter. Using his skills for mesmerism, the Hatter has committed many crimes, often themed around the book that inspired him, and/or his love of hats and headgear, going so far as to implant his hats with mind-control chips to amplify his hypnosis skills.

Above all other headwear, however, he covets Batman’s distinctive cowl, and will stop at nothing to acquire it. He has numerous caches of hypnotic hats hidden all over Gotham City, which he frequently returns to after another of his many escapes from Arkham Asylum.

His various emotional problems make him a particularly unpredictable criminal. He has even allied with a small collection of his fellow criminals against the larger super villain community as a member of the Secret Six. Now he has returned to operating alone, committing crimes that continue to involve his beloved hats.

The Mad Hatter is skilled in all forms of hypnotism and mind control, frequently employing chemical concoctions or technological devices implanted in his hats to direct the wills of others. In LEGO Batman, Mad Hatter will also have the Super Jump ability.

Jul 14, 2008