Two new Arkham Asylum 2 characters outed

Two new cluesas to the direction Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 will be taking today, via confirmation of two new characters. Did we get this through official word from Rocksteady? Nah, but the over-enthusiastic blabbings of voice actors will do just as well.

Above: The game

First up, veteran voice actorMaurice LaMarchehas confirmed that he'll be playing Mr. Freeze. Good choice of both character and actor, we say. Freeze has been one of the most interesting of Gotham's villains ever since his tragic resurrection in Batman: The Animated series, and LaMarche himself should be known to you from the likes of The Real Ghostbusters (in which he played Egon) and Pinky and The Brain (in which he played The Brain). That combination of intelligence and detachment should be spot on.

Above: And the potential comic inspiration

Secondly,Stana Katic(of TV's Castle) hassplurged that she's voicing some-time Batman love-interest Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's. This makes things interesting in a few ways. Obviously it raises the question of whether Ra's himself will make an appearance, possibly to pick up the slack from the clearly badly-injured Joker seen in the game's teaser trailer.

Butit also adds further credance to the theory that Arkham 2 is loosely inspired by the No Man's Land story arc in the comics. After all, in the books it was Talia herself who persuaded Batman to return to Gotham after earthquake devastation descended it into into a similar sort of anarchy to what we've seen in the Arkham 2 trailer. What iteration of Talia and Batman's relationship we'll see (it's been tempestuous at best) remains to be seen.

David Houghton
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