Twitch Sings to shut down at the end of the year

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Twitch has confirmed its closing Twitch Sings at the end of the year.

From December 1, 2020, Twitch says it will begin removing Twitch Sings videos, clips, and highlights, while the service itself will end on January 1, 2021. Any remaining video-on-demand (VODs) or clips will also be removed at this time.

In a FAQ, the company said it had been "inspired" by the talent and passion of its fans, but it had decided to invest in "broader tools and services" to support the music community on the streaming platform.

"As we look to the future, we have decided to invest in broader tools and services that will help support and grow the entire music community on Twitch," the company wrote (thanks, Eurogamer). "Because of this, we have made the difficult decision to close Twitch Sings on January 1, 2021.

"This community has inspired us with their talent and passion, and we thank you all for what you’ve given to Twitch Sings. On December 1, we will begin removing Sings videos and clips per our contractual obligations, and on January 1, the game will stop working. All past broadcasts, uploaded videos, highlights, and clips from Twitch Sings will be removed by January 1, 2021."

"I'm not going to lie, I've be quite depressed during the pandemic," wrote one unhappy fan on the Twitch Sings subreddit. "Twitch Sings and the beautiful people I have made friends with has been a singular saving grace."

"I'm right there with you. TS has been an oasis of socializing during lockdown and I'm not sure what to replace it with yet," added another.

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