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Twitch Plays Dark Souls against Random Input Dark Souls: man vs. machine

We've already told you about Twitch Plays Dark Souls, the shocking social experiment that lets thousands of viewers control the Chosen Undead one input at a time. But now it has some artificial competition: Random Input Dark Souls.

It's the same idea, minus all the human involvement: Random Input Dark Souls literally uses a random button-pushing algorith. You might think a bunch of random keystrokes wouldn't stand a chance against thousands of human players, but Random Input has already made nearly the same progress as Twitch Plays in about half the time.

Will the Twitch players manage to coordinate their hivemind, excising the trolls and letting their Dark Souls expertise win the day? Will Random Input's superior speed and unpredictable nature be an unbeatable edge in boss fights? Will either one ever make it out of the Undead Asylum? You'll just have to watch and find out.

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