Twitch Plays Dark Souls might be the best crowd-play since Pokemon Red

Thousands of people are currently trying to simultaneously control one unfortunate undead by use of their keyboards and Twitch chat. The feared nightmare has come true: Twitch is playing Dark Souls. Not sure what that means? Here's some background:

Way back in the time before time (which is to say February of 2014), an anonymous programmer created a version of Pokemon Red that took its input from Twitch chat and made it live on the streaming website. The event was dubbed Twitch Plays Pokemon, and the memes it inspired set the Internet on fire for weeks far beyond its completion 16 days later.

Since then, TPP has spawned a subset of "Twitch Plays ____" events. While none have ever reached quite the crescendo that the original did, in terms of sheer improbability of completion, it's hard to imagine anything more ridiculous than Twitch Plays Dark Souls. But then again, there was that time that a player beat Dark Souls using his voice, so ... anything is possible, I suppose.

The viewer count is 9,000 and climbing as the hivemind attempts to leave the starting area. Care to watch with us?

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Sam Prell

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