Twelve sequels we actually want

Game needing a sequel: Kid Icarus

Original game format: NES

Why it needs a sequel: Kid Icarus is another of Nintendo’s neglected franchises which would seriously benefit from a Wiiboot (Sorry). The original game is widely regarded as a classic, but suffers from the old 8-bit problem of instilling enough frustration-fuelled rage in the player to have them smash their own head into liquid using just the controller. But with a modern reworking, the concept could really come into its own on the Wii; the combination of platforming, shooting, and a winged protagonist makes it a perfect fit.

And besides, Ninty has been dropping hints about this one since 2005. Between Miyamoto’s teasing, lead character Pit’s comeback in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the game’s re-release on the Virtual Console, we’re beginning to feel we’re being reminded of the franchise just a little too much for it all to be a coincidence.

What we want from a sequel: A full 3D reworking. Movement with the analogue stick, jumping with the A button, bow aiming with the remote, and let’s make the most of Pit’s wings shall we? A bit of remote flapping would be the perfect control system to allow some really instinctive mid-air manipulation. Get on with this one now Nintendo (Assuming you aren’t already on it, of course).