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Tweets Of The Week

The King Of The World joins Twitter, legendary editor Walter Murch on why 3D doesn't work and Fringe vs the Friday night death slot in this week's tweets

Anyone from the occasional tweeter to (like us) the obsessively addicted, couldn’t have missed the fact that Avatar , Terminator and The Abyss director James Cameron signed up to Twitter this week. But before hopping online to make the obvious jokes (Smurf-ahontas, snarf) here’s a handy rundown of admirably self-deprecating replies from the man himself.

  • All my tweets go through several drafts, with new scenes next year RT @ FredTopel : @ JimCameron Will there be a director's cut of your tweet?
  • 3D handhelds and laptops are available now. RT @ mikelete : @ JimCameron When are we going to have the first Tweet in 3D?
  • Wrong again! RT @ THRMattBelloni : Can't be this good at tweeting already. Is Jon Landau producing them for him?
  • It’s easy. Short smartass answers have always been a specialty of mine. RT @ Demarkko_LA : @ JimCameron Just Started And #tweeing like a #PRO
  • I never tweeted before because I'm a long winded blowhard, and they don't allow enough characters.

It was this short reply that got us most excited however. Anybody else hoping to see Dark Angel season three one day?

@ JimCameron Jess, we have to do another kick butt project together soon! RT @ jessicaalba : Yo tweeples follow my dear friend and mentor @ JimCameron !!!


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DavidGArnold it was with a heavy heart that i tell you John Barry passed away this morning .

@ DamonLindelof Fringe pwns Friday Night, yo! Mulder and Scully would be proud. .

@ cyborgturkey Somewhere an Egyptian teenager just lost his World of Warcraft connection, sat there shaking with fury, then joined the revolution.

@ jaimepaglia Successfully pitched our #Eureka Season 5 premiere and arc to the network. Lots of excitement. We are officially off to the races.

@ Paul_Cornell I think 'sci fi' is okay, it's SF at the disco. 'Speculative fiction' is the same bollocks as 'graphic novel'. #fb

@ ebertchicago Why 3D doesn't work and never will. Walter Murch on the human eye-mind connection. New blog on my site.

@ JoshuaEGomez As always, so glad you all enjoyed the show. And as always, thanks for watching. Now if you don't mind.. DEAD SPACE 2 awaits. #residentwhat ?

@ NoelClarke I feel like Cameron is Palpatine n Clegg is Vader. (somewhere inside he's still good, Fight it vader, fight!) But who is Luke n where is he?

@ BBC_Torchwood Everyone made it safely. Despite jet lag, the cast and crew have hit the ground running in Cardiff!

@ Dichenlachman Have not been this cold in years!

Jordan Farley
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