TV REVIEW Lost 4.11 "Cabin Fever"

Original US air date: 8/5/08

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Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Kyle Pennington

Directed by: Paul Edwards


Flashback: The life and times of John Locke, from boy to man.

Island Life: Locke enters the cabin to seek advice and Keamy plots revenge.

Verdict: The start of a storming set of episodes for Lost, bringing season four to a close in great style. So, the islanders have been interested in Locke since he was born? Interesting. Presumably the "ageless" Richard Alpert has been using time travel to appear at various points in Locke’s life. But where does Abaddon fit into the mystery? Isn’t he part of Widmore’s team? Is Widmore "shaping" Locke’s life as well? Presumably he doesn’t have access to time travel (or does he?) but Abaddon doesn’t look any younger in the flashback. Could Abaddon be a mole in Widmore’s organisation? Who knows? (The writers, hopefully.) Meanwhile, Keamy’s turning into a brilliantly psychotic villain – shame he looks set to be bumped off before the season’s out. And what a cliffhanger! Or set of cliffhangers as so many plot strands come to a head. The final 15 minutes of the episode are packed with delicious sense of foreboding.

Day: 99, 29 Dec 2004

Cliffhanger: Leaving the cabin, Locke says that Jacobs wants him to “move the island.”

The Numbers: Locke’s fall was from Floor 8 of a skyscraper.

Trivia: Locke’s mother listens to “Everyday” by Buddy Holly, who died in a plane crash.

Did You Spot? Locke’s teacher tells him that the Mittelos laboratories want to talk to him. Mittlelos is an anagram of “lost time”.

Geronimo: Another occurrence of the ’70s rock band Geronimo Jackson’s album Magna Carta – a poster of its cover in seen in Locke’s locker. It’s previously been spotted in “The Hunting Party”, “The Whole Truth” and “Further Instruction”.

Best Line:
Ben: "The Island wanted me to get sick, and you to get well. My time is over John."

Dave Golder

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