Turns out Diablo 4 brings back a few Diablo 3 locations, if you squint hard enough

A Diablo 3 clutches a sword to their chest
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Diablo 4 players are uncovering Diablo 3 locations in Blizzard's new game.

Over on the Diablo subreddit, players have begun joining forces to chronicle all the older Diablo 3 locations that get a revival (of sorts) in Diablo 4. There's actually a surprising amount of locations brought back for the new game, including the Blacksmith Hidden Camp, the Hidden Camp Waypoint, and Witch Lair Alcarnus to name just a few.

Another player also claims they've uncovered the boss arena where the player fights Maghda in Diablo 3, which you can supposedly find in Act 3 and 4 of Diablo 4. Don't get us wrong, it's actually quite hard to recognize these locations from their original incarnations in Diablo 4, probably due to the fact they've all been ravaged by the passage of time.

There's even a character, the Scoundrel, who appears in both Diablo 3 and Diablo 4, and they've got an entire side quest chain dedicated to them in the newer game, if you feel like catching up with them all these years later.

Perhaps this is what Blizzard meant when they said there'd be familiar nods to past Diablo games in Diablo 4. Last week, Blizzard revealed to GamesRadar+ that Diablo 4 had been designed with newcomers in mind, and you wouldn't need to do any homework to catch up on past events as Diablo 4 is set 50 years after the events of Diablo 3.

However, the developer reassured veterans that there'd be familiar threads in the new game for them to look out for. Considering Diablo 4 features a "Rune Word" that's an intricate reference to an armor-related ability from Diablo 2, we should probably be looking further than just map locations to find throwbacks to the older Blizzard games.

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