Tuesday Sci Fi TV Highlights


LIVING Charmed “The Bare Dick Project” – they really do come up with the episode titles before the plots, don’t they?

SCI FI The Lost World “Cave of Dick”

SKY TWO Star Trek: Enterprise “In a Dick, Darkly”

UKTV DRAMA Doctor Who “The Dick in Space” – episode one


ZONE HORROR Strange Luck “Dick Survivor”


ITV4 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) “But What a Sweet Little Dick”

SKY ONE Futurama “The Devil’s Dicks are Idle Playthings”

SCI FI Mysterious Ways “Do You See What I Dick?”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Prophecy” or "I See a Tall, Dark Dick"


ZONE HORROR The Collector


BBC3 Doctor Who “Evolution of the Dick” – read the SFX review (though bear in mind, the second part is nowhere near as good as the first)

ITV2 Smallville “Dick” (it’s "Perry", actually)

ITV4 Andromeda “The Dick Backward” – you can only assume ITV4 got this cheap as a lot with some other better, show

LIVING Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman “Pilot, Part Dick”

SCI FI Quantum Leap “How the Tess Was Dick”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Full Dick”


ZONE HORROR The Twilight Zone


SKY ONE Stargate Atlantis ”Be All My Dicks Remember’d”

SCI FI Third Rock from the Sun ”Ab-Dick-ted”

TROUBLE Charmed ”12 Angry Dicks”

VIRGIN Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ”Facets” (or "The Many Faces of Dick"


SCI FI Third Rock from the Sun ”Truth or Dick”


LIVING Ghost Whisperer ”Dick Collector”


FIVE US Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes ”The Dick Virus Heads North”


LIVING The X-Files “Young at Dick”

SKY TWO Lost “A Dick of Two Cities” – the first episode of season three. It’s a “Jack-back” episode, so lots of tedious nonsense about his dad and wife in his past life. The on-island story makes up for things, though, as the Others begin to reveal their true colours

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