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Today's news roundup: No Wedge in Star Wars VII, the Batmobile in Man of Steel 2, Heroes: Reborn , Daredevil , and more!

• Wedge Antilles actor Denis Lawson has turned down the chance to play a part in Star Wars: Episode VII . When asked by the Courier if he would be in the new Star Wars , Lawson said, "I’m not going to do that. They asked me but it just would have bored me."

Wedge appeared in all three of the original trilogy films, but Lawson declining a part in the new film doesn't come as a surprise after comments made last year. Mancini Pictures reported that he would only take part if his character had a larger involvement in the script. Considering the size of the already announced cast, he was likely only offered a cameo.

• Sporadic Twitter user and Man of Steel 2 (or Batman vs Superman – it still doesn't officially have a title) director Zack Snyder has teased the new design of the Batmobile in the 2015 film with a photo he posted to Twitter yesterday. It's a sneaky peek at the rear end of the automobile and little else, although it does look to be a hybrid of the original car and the militaristic style of the Tumbler. His accompanying tweet, "Could be time to pull the tarp...Tomorrow?" hints that we'll be seeing the body of Batman's vehicle of choice more clearly today. We'll update you if Snyder reveals more.

Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat has been discussing the age and the role of the Doctor , saying that the casting of an older actor in Peter Capaldi doesn't have any significant effect on the character. He said that Capaldi's take on the character will remain "terribly boyish and young" and that traditionally handsome actors don't fit the role as well. " He said he would prefer an actor to be "utterly compelling, attractive in a very odd way".

• Despite an outpouring of grief after the cancellation of cult hit comedy Community , showrunner Dan Harmon is urging fans to stay calm. His silence in the aftermath of the cancellation has made certain fans nervous, so he wrote a lengthy Tumblr post detailing how he feels about the situation. Admitting to initially being worried – "For a million reasons, some selfish, some creative, one logistic, five sexual, three racist (in a good way) and, oddly, nine isometric" – about the idea of shopping the show around to other networks, he assured fans, "I’m not going to be the guy that recancels cancelled Community ."

• The season finale of Arrow will bring with it our first look at recently greenlit spinoff show The Flash , starring Grant Gustin, Jesse L Martin, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton. It's safe to assume this will be a short post-credits teaser trailer, here's the briefest of glimpses in the promo for the Arrow finale, "Unthinkable".

• Marvel exec Joe Quesada has been discussing the upcoming TV-incarnation of Daredevil , which will have a 13-episode season on Netflix in 2015. In an interview with Comic Book Resources , Quesada explains the challenges of planning out the show. In a comparison with Agents Of SHIELD he said, "Obviously it's much easier to work with a smaller number of episodes than it is with a larger number of episodes. We can sit there and look at 13 episodes and plan it out as a very large movie."

• Amusingly enough, the vague first official plot synopsis for Heroes: Reborn appears to admit that everything after Heroes ' first season wasn't really all that good. The key line insists that it "will reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season where ordinary people were waking up to the fact that they had extraordinary abilities." Let's hope it lives up to its promises.

• With a new trailer on its way within the next few days, anticipation is building for Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Here's a look at the brand new poster for the upcoming film:

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