Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Stephen King's Dark Tower, Star Wars composer John Williams, Jim Carrey and Kick-Ass 2 and The Big Bang Theory all pour from our news teapot

Some snippets of sci-fi and fantasy news for you from around the interwebs today:

• It seems Warner is no longer eying up Stephen King’s Dark Tower . It was originally dropped by Universal due to budget concerns and then supposedly taken up by Warner brothers in March 2012. Now they've passed on the opportunity, according to Variety ; reasons are unknown as to why.

• Legendary big-screen composer John Williams (and inspiration to Joss Whedon ) is to be given a lifetime achievement award at the Classic Brit awards in October. He's famously written scores for Superman , Star Wars and the Indiana Jones films among others and has 47 Academy award nominations (the second most nominations after Walt Disney, fact hoarders). That's his picture, above.

• More on the much-rumoured news that Jim Carrey will be in Kick-Ass 2 : Deadline is reporting that he has been approached to play Colonel Stars in the sequel to 2010's film. As he is a big fan of the first movie, based on Mark Millar's comic, writer-director Jeff Wadlow is hoping to convince him to make an appearance.

• Although not strictly speaking sci-fi, we know many of our readers love The Big Bang Theory , so fans should know that Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) has now returned to work after injuring her hand in a car crash recently. She suffered severe lacerations to her left hand at the time.

Remember the new issue of SFX hits shelves tomorrow with Doctor Who on the cover and a massive TV preview section inside and more - we're celebrating that with daily TV interviews all month .

Danielle Cleeland