True Blood Season 6 Casting News

Friday Night Lights ’ Jurnee Smollett and 90210 ’s Amelia Rose Blaire are joining the cast of True Blood season six.

According to TVLine , Smollet will be joining as a series regular, playing a character called Nicole, “a do-gooder who possesses the rosy outlook of someone that life hasn’t beaten down yet. She’s not concerned with money and more concerned with the doing what’s right.”

Blaire will play Willa, “the daughter of Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell (played by Arliss Howard). She has long clashed with her father over vampire rights.”

True Blood ‘s sixth season, the first under new showrunner mark Hudis, will air in the States beginning in June, and will follow in the UK on Fox.

Hudis has revealed of season six that, “Certainly [Bill] is not going to be the Bill we know and love… He’s going to have more bite, no pun intended.” He also reckons that Sookie and Jason will spend much of the season looking for Warlow, the vampire to whom Sookie has been “promised”. He also plans on centering the season’s action in Bon Temps, bringing the characters’ storylines closer together.

Hudis told Haverford Magazine (he studied at Haverford), “It’s impossible to fill Alan Ball’s shoes. That’s not false modesty, that’s the truth. The guy’s created two massive hit shows for HBO and has on Oscar. Really, this plane is in the air, and I just want to land it safely.”

Horror veteran Rutger Hauer is also appearing in season six as Warlow.

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