"Massive" Wonder Woman-centric Trial of the Amazons crossover coming to DC in 2022

Trial of the Amazons
(Image credit: DC)

While the details are sparse for the moment, DC Fandome 2021 brought news about a 2022 crossover event Trial of the Amazons focusing on ... you guessed it ... DC's rapidly expanding family of Wonder Woman titles.

(Image credit: DC)

Trial of the Amazons is described by DC as a "massive" crossover event that takes place in the comic book series Wonder Woman, Nubia & the Amazons, and presumably Wonder Girl in 2022, as it includes writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad (Wonder Woman), Vita Ayala and Stephanie Williams (Nubia and the Amazons), Joëlle Jones (Wonder Girl), and Jordie Bellaire (Wonder Woman: The Adventures Of Young Diana).

Promising to "redefine the future of DC’s Amazons," with Wonder Woman "fighting for justice on a cosmic scale," which in turn leaves Queen Hippolyta to "depart for Man's World," Nubia is left to lead Themyscira as new tribes of Amazons appear and she and Yara Flor find themselves "in the heart of a power struggle."

Wonder Woman "fighting for justice on a cosmic scale" likely indicates she'll be busy in events in Brian Michael Bendis' monthly Justice League comic book title and/or his January-launching Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes six-issue limited series and/or a Darkseid-centric new Crisis event DC has been setting up for most of 2021. 

While DC was light on details, they were heavy on images, with this gallery of new character sketches of all the key players - including Artemis - and a promo image by artist Jen Bartel, who drew Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman

According to the publisher, Nubia & the Amazons #1, on sale Tuesday, October 19, serves as a prelude to the event. Here's a preview of the first five pages of that series debut and all three covers. 

Look for more details on Trial of the Amazons when it becomes available. 

But what's available immediately is Newsarama's look at the best Wonder Woman stories of all time.

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