Transformers screenwriter talks expanded universe

Transformers screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman has been discussing the soon-to-be-expanded Transformers universe, including his vision for where the franchise will go next. And from the sounds of it, the human characters will still remain at the forefront of the franchise.

“Our hope is that they are all interconnected and of course stand alone,” said Goldman in a conversation with IGN. “I think architecturally, the best — I think I believe this — the best serialised storytelling has integrity from start to finish of the episode, whether it be TV or a movie or comic book or novel series or short story series. You want to be able to satisfy both appetites — which I think is very different from procedural or episodic. You want to feed the instinct for the short-term gratification and the longterm gratification. So we’re trying to do both.”

“Do I think Transformers can live without humans? Sure. Do I think humans can live without Transformers? Sure. In Transformers movies? Sure! But, fundamentally, there seems to be something really great about the interaction between the two species. I think that, in the main, I would suggest that that would be something you wouldn’t want to squander. Although that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t do all sorts of things for a little while.”

Transformers 5 is the next film on the agenda, with Michael Bay now officially installed in the director’s chair. No official release date has been confirmed as yet, but the film is expected to arrive in cinemas at some point in 2017.

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