Transformers: Dark of the Moon game trailer launches

We hope you're sitting down. Are you sitting down? You're reading a webpage about one of your favorite things, which is videogames, so it's safe to assume you're sitting down. Okay. Here it is. Activision has a new Transformers game coming out, the tie-in to upcoming movie sequel Dark of the Moon. The game, whose trailer launches today, functions as prologue to the movie and introduces new villain Shockwave. It also introduces a detail which will change the way you view Transformers... forever.

Above: The reveal trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Hasbro's robots have had a wild 25 years: clunky early days, the convoluted Beast Wars spinoff, that movie starring the director of Citizen Kane as atalking planet. But one constant remains: Transformers alternate between the shape of a robot and that of a vehicle/firearm/entertainment product. It's this basic dualism that the new game up and chucks out the window: the title's new “Stealth Force” mode allows the robots to take on a third shape, mixing the weaponry of their robotic form with the functionality of their disguise.

Doubtless this news has you hiding your kids, hiding your wife: we understand. But everything changes – a fact that, by definition, Transformers fans ought to be down with by now. So if series veterans High Moon Studios – who knocked out War for Cybertron for Activision, as well as 2008's The Bourne Conspiracy – say Transformers have three forms, then apparently Transformers now have three forms. Watch the trailer, take some time to process the news, and let us know how you feel about all this.

Update: According to GR Executive Transformers Editor Brett Elston, there were already triple-changing Transformers. You learn something new about Transformersevery day!

Feb 14, 2011