Trailer Park: Woody gets the Scoop and Kate goes on The Holiday

It’s Monday morning. You’re either bored sick at school or trying to make the day fly by quicker at work. Never fear – Total Film is here with two fresh new trailers to suit everyone.

Lovers of quirky comedy thrillers, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen will be glad to see that we finally have proper info about Woody’s new English flick Scoop. The film features Scarlett Johansson as a US journalism student visiting England who gets some inside info (inside in as much as she’s in a magician’s disappearing cupboard when she’s visited by Ian McShane’s spooky ghost-man) on wealthy aristo Hugh Jackman. Turns out the handsome devil might have a penchant for murder. With the help of the magician (played by one W Allen), she investigates Jackman and – who’d guess? – starts to fall for him. It looks frothy and funny and we can’t wait. Check out the trailer by clicking here .

But if you’re after a more conventional high-concept laugher, then here’s Nancy Meyers’ new film. We’re introduced to the full plot behind the Cameron Diaz/Kate Winslet film. Turns out they’ve both just ditched rubbish boyfriends and decide to house-swap. Cameron arrives in frozen Blighty, where the road seems to end miles before the cottage she’s to live in and the locals are all weird. Fortunately, Jude Law’s charming bachelor in on hand to help her warm up. Winslet, meanwhile, is delighted to find herself in Diaz’ swanky LA pad, and is romanced by Jack Black’s quirk-ball suitor. Go watch that promo by clicking here .

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