You're gonna need a bigger shelf, because Lego Jaws just arrived

Lego Jaws set on a wooden surface
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The Lego Jaws set has officially broken cover, and it's a monster.

A diorama with almost 1,500 pieces under its belt, the Lego Jaws set has two different display options; you can either let the shark loose on the heroes' boat (the Orca, complete with minifigures for the beast to chow down on) or show it off on its own stand.

No matter how you choose to terrorize the brick seas, Lego Jaws will be available to pre-order from early August for $149.99 / £129.99 at Lego. If you're a member of the free Insider program (e.g. you've signed in to the Lego store), you'll be able to grab it from August 3. Everyone else will have to wait until August 6 like the salty sea dogs they are.

Let's get a closer look at this behemoth, shall we?

Lego Jaws

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Price$149.99 / £129.99
Release dateAugust 6, 2024 (August 3 for Lego Insiders)

Much like the D&D set from earlier this year, Lego Jaws was conceived by a fan as part of Lego Ideas (whereby users submit designs that might be turned into an actual kit if they receive enough votes). That outside perspective might be why it does something a little different to the best Lego sets. Unlike other dioramas, this feels like a two-in-one; there's the classic 'action' scene, complete with a quote plaque, and the separate shark display. 

Fans of the movie will immediately recognize the former: it depicts the good ship Orca on a bricky sea base, complete with a submerged shark rearing up to take a bite. Crewed by minifigure versions of the film's main characters (Police Chief Brody, old sea dog Quint, and marine biologist Hooper), the roof can be removed to reveal a cabin crammed with references and accessories. The craft, which is big enough to hang over the base's edge, also has an adjustable boom and rigging.

However, if you'd prefer something a little more understated, you can show off the shark in all its glory on a separate stand that comes with the Jaws logo.

You can see all this in action during Lego's 90-second film that recreates the movie's most memorable moments… albeit with a family-friendly Lego spin.

Jaws in a Jiffy - YouTube Jaws in a Jiffy - YouTube
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The fan that originally dreamt up this idea, Johnny Campbell, says "Jaws is my favorite movie of all-time, so I really wanted to recreate it in Lego bricks. Lego building has always been a part of my life in some shape or form but in order to get all of the finer details, I actually freeze-framed Jaws as I watched it so that I could catch a glimpse of the finer details taking notes as I went along. It is just mind-blowing that my design is now an official Lego set. I can't wait to stand in a Lego shop looking at the shelves and seeing a set that I have been involved with and watching someone buying it. It’s every Lego fan’s dream!"

Although the Jaws set won't feature in the sale, there will definitely be some must-have discounts in this month's Prime Day Lego deals. I'd be surprised if that didn't include reductions on the best Lego Star Wars sets.

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