Torchlight 2 launches on consoles with new reveal trailer

Torchlight 2 is a click-and-loot dungeon-crawler not dissimilar to the Diablo franchise (although not without its own unique appeal), and it just launched on consoles with a brand new trailer. After seven years as a PC-exclusive title, Torchlight 2 will finally expand into new communities and add to the severely lacking selection of Diablo-like online RPGs on home consoles. You can pick up Torchlight 2 today for $20 on the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store.

It's hard not to compare Torchlight 2 to Diablo 3 - after all, they both released the same year, they both feature the same top-down perspective, and they're both fantasy action RPG looters. The biggest difference is that Diablo 3 is a household name, and Torchlight caters to a much smaller, albeit dedicated, community. However, Torchlight 2's community is geared to expand significantly with its release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

If you're tired of playing through the same dungeons in Diablo 3 - and even if you aren't - Torchlight 2 is a worthwhile hack-and-slash action RPG with a gorgeous color palette and engaging co-op and competitive gameplay. Oh, and pets! You can load out and employ your furry friend to assist in battle and carry loot into towns, easing your inventory load. You can choose between a cat, bulldog, wolf, ferret, panther, Switch-exclusive unicorn, and more to be your lifelong companion. So that's just an undeniably adorable - and helpful - feature of Torchlight 2 that should incentivize RPG fans to give it a look.

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Jordan Gerblick

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