Top 10 Gaming MILFS

Above: Awww, a mother and n00born

We’ll leave it Oprah to acknowledge the maternal contributions to child rearing. Wejust thinkitis ofgreater importance to let mommies know that we still appreciatetheirbodies in spite of being ravaged by the barbaric ritual of childbirth. Stretch marks, mood swings and breasts that produce dairy be damned - we’re proud to say we’d still L. to F. these M.s on their day of days. Besides, after several years ofblue ball gaming moments, it’s nice to be able to put your chips on a dame scientifically proven to put out.


From: Final Fantasy X-2

Mother to: Vidina

First of all FF fans, let's get this out of the way. Tifa is NOT a mother. She's a caregiver. A glorified foster parent. She’s also probably barren. So please, shake your suburban predilection to the Girl-Next-Door type, and pay some attention to that hot Goth chick eating lunch alone in the cafetoriom.

Beneath her surly disposition and black leather mummification, there’s a pale and sultry vixen of the sexiest caliber waiting to be unbuckled. But after dispensing dolls of death in FFX, her maternity pants excluded her from the battle-fashion show that was FFX-2. For reasons beyond our comprehension, she inexplicably fell in love with the jock-tacular Wakka and squirted out a bratof her own.

Above: Opposites attract, apparently

Milica Bellic
From: Grand Theft Auto IV
Mother to: Niko Bellic

Above: In Am-air-eka, ders all the blue jeans you can eat. Also, no cats!

Hope were not spoiling anything with this timely addition. Niko’s emails tohis mother could be the sweetest exchange ever committed to disc. True, we never see Mama Bellic, but if Niko is any indication, her slender figure and sharp cheekbones are the stuff of 'oldcountry' legend.

Above: Spolier - Mama loves you