Too Human boss hits the forums to defend 360 action game

We reported yesterday that Xbox 360 exclusive action title, Too Human, may have been delayed until 2008. Not good news, considering this game was originally in development on PSone.

Suggesting that Microsoft's comments aren't 100 percent accurate, Silicon Knight president Dennis Dyack hit the Neogaf forums and had a few things to say: "I am sorry to see not much has changed here on the GAF. There should be no question as to why many developers do not post here. Thanks to those who were positive and made some logical comments."

A brave man indeed. He then added, "In time these comments will be bearers of fruit. Unfortunately for many here, they are going to be very bitter."

Silicon Knights and Too Human may be on the ropes at the moment, but don't write either off just yet.

March 13, 2007