Tony Scott bails on Bruckheimer

Weep all those who love your action fast, frenzied and perhaps, dare we say, a little fruitless. The heady union of Tony Scott in the chair, Denzel Washington swinging the fists and Jerry Bruckheimer counting the (numerous) beans is no longer happening on time-travel thriller Déjà Vu.

The Top Gun helmer’s people insist the split is amicable and purely down to the logistical nightmare caused by Hurricane Katrina devastating the movie’s principle filming locations. Scott actually quit on the day filming was due to start, but now the Brit director can concentrate on bringing his gang-on-the-run remake The Warriors back to the big screen.

The much-anticipated team-up would have been the first since the three worked together 10 years back on submarine nail-nibbler Crimson Tide. Scott has worked with the Bruck on numerous occasions over the years and re-teamed with Denzel last year for brutal revenge-fest Man On Fire.

Shooting for Déjà Vu is still planned for January and will follow the story of an FBI agent who manages to go back in time to save a woman he’s in love with. Sounds dangerously like a warped version of Van Damme howler Timecop to us… Run Denzel! For the love of God, run!