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Tomb Raider hits the new hardware

We've got the latest shots of Tomb Raider: Legend as Lara makes her debut on two new games machines – PSP and Xbox 360 - and she looks incredible on both the handheld and the next-gen console.

The actual gameplay of Tomb Raider: Legend is identical for every format but there are differences with presentation, especially with the 360 version; the visuals have been specifically created for the new console, rather than it just being a polished port.

The main difference offered with the 360 version can be seen in the textures, which are far more detailed than in the PS2 and Xbox game. The lighting and shadow effects show more sophistication, too, and are shown off nicely when Lara uses her torch in the dark tombs.

Online play via Xbox Live is not available but there may be content on offer in the Marketplace.