Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day four

Venturing into this outdoor area, we were impressed to see dust picked up by the wind. The environments look much more alive now, although it actually makes us appreciate the original more to think how much it achieved on the hardware at the time.

Then, just as we were getting used to the sunny surroundings, a cut scene introduced some familiar foes - the mummified undead. They look great too - and now you can actually see what they're supposed to look like without filling in the gaps in your mind. Bonus.

Above: The environments have been aged well and look like they've existed for centuries

Of course, just as it's getting really interesting, we're gonna take a break for now and conclude our exclusive TR: Anniversary coverage with the second part of our Egypt walkthrough tomorrow. In the mean-time, check out the Images tab for the full-size, uncroppedscreens and try not to drool on your keyboard.