Tom Hardy talks working with Gary Oldman on The Dark Knight Rises


Total Film is currently running around Cannes like a crazed movie-pitcher attempting to prove Speed 3 should be set entirely in the world of online journalism, via the medium of a live-action demonstration.

Either that or we're preparing for the Olympics by taking part in the most surreal multi-stage fitness test of all time - "You have 30 seconds to get from the Palais to the Hotel Martinez and back again… go!"

What we're saying is, we're rushed. But when France offers up gems as glorious the one below, we can't help but pause long enough to bash out a news story on it.

Speaking at a generally fairly weird Lawless press conference, Tom Hardy offered up the following information when asked about working with Gary Oldman on three recent projects; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy , The Dark Knight Rises and Lawless .

The following quote will be of extreme interest to Bat-fans seeking out any possible scraps of information about Christopher Nolan's follow-up to The Dark Knight .

This is the bit where we warn you about spoilers. Spoilers.

"I spent my entire experience with Gary [ on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy] staring at him and not returning any lines because I think he's God. The second time [ on The Dark Knight Rises] I was playing God, so I ignored him. Kicked him a bit, that kind of thing. Gary Oldman is one of my heroes, I did nothing but glean from him."

That's the first official confirmation that Bane is directly involved in a fight with - and possibly the hospitalisation of - Commissioner Gordon, glimpsed at in the first teaser trailer.

And Hardy's description of Bane as God gives us an insight into just how powerful and omnipotent the character will be.

And outside anything else, it's just a nice quote. Gary Oldman's our God too, and Cannes is a fitting place to pay tribute to him, as this 50 Greatest Cannes Breakthroughs feature will attest.

Anyway, that's about as much time as we can spare for this particular pitstop, as we've got Jan de Bont on the phone about our Speed 3 idea. He's telling us it's rubbish. Fair enough.

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