Tom Hardy talks Dark Knight Rises and Starbucks (again)

"I'm really sorry if anyone misunderstood what I said about comparing working for a huge franchise to being like working for Starbucks,” said Tom Hardy during promotional interviews for the film Warrior .

“I didn't mean it like that. I mean, it could have been British Airways, it could have been Virgin, it could have been Nike, it could have been any huge company," Hardy said earnestly.”

It seems the actor didn't realise how Bat-fans would react to his remarks about The Dark Knight Rises but says he got that message loud and clear.

"I'm human and I do read things and I get hurt. My friends say, 'Don't read anything, just ignore it,' but I do. And I read comics. And I cry," Hardy told Variety .

Man up Bane, or the fans will be after you again.