Tokobots gather on PSP

Take 2 is bringing Tokobot to UK gamers, the first PSP game to come from Dead or Alive developer Tecmo.

Tokobot is a puzzle adventure game which revolves around the existence of Tokobots, small robot helpers that have extraordinary power.

The tiny bots have attracted attention from various treasure hunters who want to use them to take over the world; something which our hero, Bolt, wants to prevent from happening.

While small and feeble on their own, Tokobots become much more useful when they fuse together to execute joint actions such as creating ladders, swings and gliders. They can also merge together to create a larger, more powerful robot that can wield a sword or act like a crane.

Gamers will start the adventure with six Tokobots but will have to find more as the puzzles and challenges become more difficult.