TOCA 3 Challenge revs up

Wednesday 30 August 2006
After last year's fab TOCA Race Driver 2 piled on to PSP with pretty much all its corner-hugging, bodywork-crumpling racing action intact - and 12-player multiplayer - we'd hoped Codemasters would keep its racing streak going. Thankfully, it has with the just-announced TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge, and even better it's due before the end of the year.

Not a port of TOCA 3 on PS2, it's instead a PSP-exclusive game boasting a new World Challenge mode: taking a cue from other console racers by offering a series of skill tests and race styles for you to tackle in bite-sized moments of motorsporting goodness.

As TOCA series fans will expect, no matter what you're driving or where in the world you're doing it, there's satisfying physics at work as you scream around the track - or just scream as you plough into a five-car collision.

Still boasting multiplayer for more players than you could comfortably fit in the back seat of a bus - and welcome 4-player Game Sharing if your mates foolishly haven't bought into TOCA goodness - we'd be surprised if this doesn't jostle to the top of the Chrimbo PSP pack.