Demo for Titanfall's scrapped Campaign emerges online

(Image credit: EA)

A brief demo of a scrapped campaign for the original Titanfall has emerged online. A developer posted the previously-unseen footage over the weekend, giving us a look at the campaign that never was.

You can see the footage of the campaign prototype just below, as posted by original Titanfall developer Jason McCord. The developer states that himself and fellow Respawn Entertainment developer Sean Slayback worked on the campaign briefly in 2012 (roughly two years before Titanfall launched in 2014), but it was ultimately scrapped.

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Of course, the original Titanfall launched without a campaign, as an online-centric shooter. Speaking a few months ago to the MinnMaxShow, former Titanfall developer Drew McCoy explained that the decision to drop the campaign for the original Titanfall largely shocked EA.

Two years later in 2016, Titanfall 2 would launch with a campaign, which is generally seen as one of the best single-player FPS campaigns of the last decade. An astounding combination of speed, set pieces, and a charming robotic campaign in BT really made Titanfall 2's campaign something special.

Developer Respawn Entertainment might have moved on to bigger things (like Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order), but don't completely count out a new Titanfall somewhere down the road. In July, EA hinted that they were certainly open to the possibility of another Titanfall "somewhere down the road."

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