A new Titanfall is still a possibility "sometime down the road," EA says

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Titanfall 3 is still possible, as EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said in the company's latest financial call.

Discussing EA's acquisition of Titanfall and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, Jorgensen said: "We were able to bring them into the fold and give them incredible support and it was all driven by the fact that they have incredible talent. It wasn't about Titanfall – no offense to Titanfall. It's an amazing game and maybe you'll see Titanfall sometime down the road. But it was really about the team."

Obviously, this is far from an announcement. And as GameSpot reports, Jorgensen only really discussed Respawn because he was explaining EA's approach to purchasing studios – in indirect response to rumors that EA, and supposedly Xbox as well, are interested in buying WB Games. However, it's both rare and significant for an EA executive to acknowledge the possibility of another Titanfall game, whether it be Titanfall 3, a next-gen remaster, or some sort of spinoff or side story. 

That said, 'still a possibility' is par for the course for Titanfall 3 at this point. Ever since Respawn shifted resources to prioritize Apex Legends, all we've heard of Titanfall 3 is that it's neither dead nor alive - Schrodinger's sequel, basically. Earlier this year, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella affirmed that while there's nothing in the works right now, he "would personally like to see some kind of resurrection there," and would "see if I can make that happen." 

We know Respawn is down for it, and with Jorgensen's statement, we can reasonably assume that EA is also open to revisiting the Titanfall series in some capacity. Does this confirm anything? Absolutely not. Is anything Titanfall-related currently in development? Almost certainly not – again, with the possible exception of a surprise next-gen re-release, which both Titanfall games absolutely deserve. Even so, with the series' publisher and developer on board with the idea, more Titanfall looks more plausible than ever. 

The most we've seen of Titanfall lately amounts to a few Apex Legends tie-ins and Easter Eggs. 

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