Titanfall is a "beloved franchise" for Respawn and its CEO would "love to see" Titanfall 3

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Respawn's CEO has confirmed that if it's the "right moment in time" and "the right idea", then he would "love to see" Titanfall 3 "happen".

Talking to Barron's and spotted by our friends over at PC Gamer, Respawn boss Vince Zampella reflected on the critically-acclaimed shooter franchise, and confirmed that whilst it's a "beloved franchise for the fans and also for [Respawn]", the studio was not "working on anything currently". 

"I hate to say yes, then people latch onto that, and then skewer you when it doesn't come," Zampella said when asked if there could ever be another Titanfall game. "But I would love to see it happen is the real answer.

"It has to be the right thing. It's such a beloved franchise for the fans and also for us. If it is not the right moment in time, the right idea, then it just doesn’t make sense."

He also wondered how a new Titanfall game would fit into the wider Titanfall universe, particularly as most people would be more familiar with its world through its battle royale spin-off title, Apex Legends.

"There’s how do you do something that doesn't confuse people that are Apex fans, but not necessarily Titanfall fans yet?" Zampella asked. "It's a hard question to answer."

Whilst we're on the topic of Apex Legends: Respawn recently debuted Ballistic, the latest addition to the Apex Legends roster.

As Dustin recently summarized for us, the latest Stories from the Outlands video introduced August Montgomery "Ballistic" Brinkman as a very sad, very rich old man. A former competitor in the Thunderdome Games, Ballistic looks regretfully back on a lifetime of ignoring his family in favor of his competitive career. But when his son qualifies for the Apex Games, Ballistic cleans up, puts on the old gear, and violently forces himself into a Syndicate base in order to offer himself as a competitor in his son's place.

As is typically the case these days, Ballistic's big reveal may not have been a surprise to some given some details about of the character leaked months ago

Respawn recently unveiled new swimsuit skins for Apex Legends, and everyone was down bad for one character in particular. 

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