Titanfall 2 has a "1v1 me bro" mode brought to you by Mtn Dew and Doritos

The first time someone challenges you to "1v1 me bro" in Titanfall 2, you don't have to just imagine the bottle of Mountain Dew and bag of Doritos at their side - you can thank PepsiCo for helping to make that moment possible. The company announced today that both Mountain Dew and Doritos products will come with codes for Titanfall's new Coliseum mode, allowing instant admittance to the 1-on-1 PvP competition.

You can see a little bit of the Coliseum mode at the end of the new Pilots trailer for the game. I've GIF-ified the relevant part for your convenience. Each match is best-of-three, and the winner will receive "Advocate Gifts" to customize their characters and accounts.

It's not clear how else players will access the Coliseum mode, but I'm guessing you won't be required to chug Dew-rito shakes to gain entrance. Sounds like potential microtransaction territory, much like how you can buy your way into Arena matches in Hearthstone. Update: EA sent us a statement that confirms you'll be able to earn Coliseum tickets in the course of playing Titanfall 2's other multiplayer modes.

As tradition dictates, the Mountain Dew and Doritos codes will still award you extra multiplayer XP if you'd rather stick to the safety of larger-scale multiplayer modes.

Buffalo Wild Wings will also give out Coliseum codes along with a themed Titan skin. I hope it makes your mech look like it was slathered in Bourbon Honey Mustard sauce just before dropping into battle. You're gonna want extra napkins if you plan to rodeo this fella!

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