New Titanfall 2 trailer shows off-the-wall pilot combat - it's half a minute before they touch the ground

The big and boss Titans may be the eye candy of Titanfall 2, but don't forget about the Pilots, boost-jumping and wall-running all over the place as they take out enemy combatants with speed and precision. And if you have forgotten about them, a new gameplay trailer for Titanfall 2 is here to remind you that while Titans have their uses, so too do the men, women, and cyborgs with their boots on the ground - or rather, in the air, considering how long a skilled Pilot can stay aloft:

Here's the only thing I don't get: the ending. Apparently these two robots decided to 1v1, "come at me bro" style in the new Coliseum mode that Titanfall 2 is introducing (accessible via codes from Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Buffalo Wild Wings), and they both have … ponytails? Has anybody ever stopped and thought about the fact that this universe is populated by humans, aliens, sentient robots of varying sizes … and all of this is just a little bit weird?

Oh well. As long as the shooting is snappy and the Titans are stomping, I think players will be pleased.

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Sam Prell

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