Tips for Kingdom Hearts II - Day two

Synth FAQ

Q: So what's this Bulky Vendor thing?
A: You can find this rare item-spawning monster in the following levels: Land of Dragons (checkpoint), Beast's Castle (west hall), Olympus Coliseum (cave entrance), Agrabah (bazaar) and Halloween Town (candy cane lane). He only appears for 40 seconds, so kill him quick.

Q: What ingredients do I need to create Sora's amazing Ultima Weapon?
A: You’ll need to combine the following- Orichalcum plus, Orichalcum, Mythril crystal, Dense crystal, Twilight crystal and Serenity crystal. You need to synthesize the Orichalcum plus item yourself with a level nine Moogle.

Synth ingredients

Some synthesis items are incredibly common and you'll never run out, but others are rarer and dropped only by certain enemies in certain worlds. Here's an in-depth guide to 25 of the rarest and the best way of getting them...