TimeSplitters: Rewind is still very much a thing, new update video features gameplay footage

The fan project TimeSplitters: Rewind just got a development update video proving the project is alive and kicking, although the state of it seems very early in development. The team at Cinder Interactive has managed to block out half of the original TimeSplitters' maps and get the TimeSplitters 1 story mode in working order, although the video makes there's still a long and turbulent path ahead.

The update goes over some of the team's development successes and discusses the plan to gradually release batches of finished content to ensure that if the project should sink, fans will still have something to play.

"We've decided that we are going to have less content available at launch, but that means that we will be able to release it sooner. The current plan is to have what we consider to be a feasible amount of content with functioning systems and gameplay."

TimeSplitters fans were understandably concerned about the fan project when in 2018, THQ Nordic acquired the licensing rights to the franchise. I'm happy to report that, at least according to the team at Cinder, THQ's acquisition hasn't affected development on TimeSplitters: Rewind at all.

Cinder also detailed one major reason why development on the project has taken so long. Apparently, a lack of manpower is a real cause for concern and a real threat to the future of TimeSplitters: Rewind. The update video twice calls for environment artists and other developers to reach out to Cinder on Discord if they're interested in helping.

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