Time Crisis 4 - first look

A few other additions weren't quite as dynamic, but help keep things from getting monotonous. Sometimes, you'll be tasked with holding off the enemy for a certain period of time, or to swap between two of three screens of action (by simply pointing offscreen in the direction you want to pivot to face). There are also five "first-person" levels planned, which were not in the arcade original. In these sections, one analog stick will move your character and the other will move the camera. The FPS levels give you control of your character's boss, Captain Rush, and look to fill in story bits left vague by the arcade version.

One thing that hasn't changed is that, as always, cover plays an important role: you go into hiding around corners or crouch near barrels automatically, and have to hold down a "shoulder" button to pop out and spray some death. It's not as much of a pain as it sounds like though, and the way you automatically drop back into cover and reload when you let go of the button makes this a good trade. Finally, in case you're wondering: yes, they've purportedly figured out a way to make it work on LCDs, plasmas, and pretty much anything you've got that isn't a chalkboard. So get your trigger finger ready - it's about to get a workout.

Eric Bratcher
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