Time Crisis 4 - first look

The new, USB Gun-Con is unique in several ways, but we'll go with the most obvious first: you need two hands to operate it, because it's got a front-mounted stock in addition to the main handle at the rear, just like an Uzi. And both hands will find their thumbs resting on an analog stick, with two buttons (the shoulder buttons remapped) nearby. It even has limited tilt/twist sensitivity, though we didn't find ourselves using it during our playtest.

It also has a trigger, which we squeezed the crap out of over and over during our level-long demo. That's when we started noticing some of the new nuances of gameplay. For instance, you have four weapons now: a handgun, shotgun, machine gun, and grenade launcher. As long as you've got ammo, you can swap between them at will. It matters, too: the machine gun is much better against swarms of bugs, some enemies are much easier to dispatch with the shotgun, and so on. You'll also have a knife - that's an interesting addition in the gun game genre.

Eric Bratcher
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