Tim Blake Nelson in talks to play Mole Man in The Fantastic Four

Josh Trank may have already secured his main super-cast and villain for The Fantastic Four reboot, but another name could soon be added to the roster.

THR reports that Tim Blake Nelson has landed himself the role of eccentric and socially awkward scientist Harvey Elder.

Those more familiar with the Marvel universe may know him better as Mole Man, the leader of an underground race known as the Moloids. Nelson isn’t set to become Mole Man just yet though, with the character expected to turn bad-guy in later installments of the Fantastic Four big screen adaptation - as reported previously, Toby Kebbell is set to steal the villainous stage as Doctor Doom in the 2015 revamp.

It's not the first time Blake's embraced a comic alter-ego on-screen - he originally played potential Hulk villain Samuel Stern in 2008's The Incredible Hulk .

Fantastic Four is set to hit cinemas from 15 June 2015