'Tilt' not as new as you think

The PS3's revolutionary motion-sensing controller might not be so revolutionary after all, according to PSM Executive Editor Randy Nelson. In our sister magazine's latestvideo podcast, he takes Warhawk for a motion-sensitive test flight. Except that it's the original, 10-year-old PSone Warhawk. And he's using a motion-sensitive Pelican PSone controller from 1999, which he bought on eBay for about $5.

Using the controller and a GamesRadar-supplied copy of Warhawk, Nelson swoops and dives smoothly, which is surprising given that Warhawk was one of the earliest PSone games. The technology works with newer games, however, as Nelson proves when he plugs the controller into a PS2 and plays Gran Turismo 4 without a hitch.

He also does it with full vibration, casting further aspersions on Sony's decision to leave rumble out of the PS3 controller. The presentation also raises some doubts about Sony's claims that they would have liked to have included motion-sensitivity in their controllers years ago, but held off because of cost concerns.

At any rate, the video's good for a laugh, so clickhere tocheck it out.

June 28, 2006

Mikel Reparaz
After graduating from college in 2000 with a BA in journalism, I worked for five years as a copy editor, page designer and videogame-review columnist at a couple of mid-sized newspapers you've never heard of. My column eventually got me a freelancing gig with GMR magazine, which folded a few months later. I was hired on full-time by GamesRadar in late 2005, and have since been paid actual money to write silly articles about lovable blobs.