Three new PS3, 360 and PC titles revealed

Race Driver One
Race Driver One will shift the emphasis from 'ultimate racing simulation to ultimate racing stimulation' and will feature a wide selection of events - ranging from street racingto official circuit-based championships – in various locations around the world as players buckle up to become the numero uno race driver in a freshly tweaked career mode.

Powered by Codemasters Studios' own Neon engine (which the developer is also using for Colin McRae: Dirt), Race Driver One promises to be the best looking game in the series to date, with beefed-up visuals, as well as souped-up physics and car damage.

Codemasters recently showed us an early teaser trailer of Race Driver One and while it didn't reveal any game play, it did give us a glimpse of some of the cars that will feature. Amongst the display models we spotted were a rather fast looking Ferrari F430 GT, a sassy Aston Martin DB, a hefty Plymouth Barracuda muscle car and a racy Toyota GT 300 Supra. Definitely stimulating for avid automophiles.

Matt Cundy
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